Penny Stove

Posted in Camping, Neat Idea on November 12th, 2009

When I first saw the idea for a Pepsi Can stove and latter the Penny Stove I was impressed with the idea.  The simple idea with “few to no” moving parts seemed almost fool proof and easy to build.  As I started to put them together found this was almost true.

A special thanks to Herbie’s Penny Stove and Mark’s Penny Stove. They are far more informative than I will ever be. If you haven’t read there websites I would recommend you doing so.

Penny Stove with working flame

Thanks to Mark for his assistance my stove now works nicely. You can see it is resting on a simmer ring. I have since made cover which doubles as a lift. This seems to help with priming the stove.

When I first fired the stove up, there were no clear jets and the flame was tall and a little out of control. To fix this problem I took a nail and angled the holes towards the center more.  The helped to stop heating the fuel cup and have it expanding even more. The final fix was to apply a ring of JP Weld around in the inside of the burner. If you look closely you can see the darker grey in the first photo. I applied the JP Weld with a Popsicle stick and smoothed it out with some Q-tips.