Removal from Rexford, NY

Bees were discovered in a second story soffit when homeowner was repainting his house. They were coming and going between the space between the brick and wood trim. Complicating the issue, was a large tree and the fact the bees wrapped around the corner. This made getting into the space difficult.


Start of setup -

Getting the ladders set up. The tree had to be trimmed back a little to allow room for the ladders. Straps were added to reduce ladder bounce to make Anne happier.

Bees at entrance

Bees coming and going at the entrance. The bees had sealed up the cracks using propolis. Some unhealthy signs on dysentery can be seen on the front. This could be from last winter.

First Comb

The first comb after the end cap had been removed. A significant number of bees were vacuumed off the comb before taking the photo.

Second Comb

Bees pour out of the hive after the first comb is removed. Health looking brood was found on this comb.

Examine vent

Bees had completely sealed up the vents. New ones were put in place after the removal.


Reaching in

As the first cavity is emptied, Anne bravely reaches into the second cavity to scoop out the remaining honey comb.

brood in frames

All the brood comb was saved and put into frames. The bees remove the rubber bands once the comb is attached to the frames.


Filling the cavity with insulation.


A cleaned out cavity. Honey is wiped down with wet rags. It was then packed with insulation and the trim replaced.

bees in the vac

The bees are then safely transported to their new hive. Because fall is coming, will we feed them sugar and honey to build up stores for winter.