3 hives removed in one day.

A homeowner in Hudson, NY is in the process of restoring a barn from the 1840’s. Two hives had moved into the back wall. The workmen could not work on the wall until the hives had been removed. The homeowner stressed the importance of not damaging the barn or cutting the original wood boards.

Working on a board

It took about 90 minutes of slowly prying out hand made square nails before the top of the hive was exposed. Most of the original nails were able to be reused when replacing the boards.

Due to a problem with the camera no photos of the first hive being removed. After removing all the bees and comb the walls were cleaned and insulation put into place. The second hive on the left is almost completely exposed.

The second hive ready for removal. The bees had done an excellent job of using propolis to seal up any drafty cracks in the walls.

pollen frame

A wonderful looking pollen frame,  just before being cut out and placed into a frame.

As we were removing the third hive a camera man from CBS Albany stopped by. Sadly they didn’t air anything about the SABA swarm line but it is still good press for honey bees. http://www.cbs6albany.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_2236.shtml