A Long Cold Spring


The storms over the weekend proved to be a good time to reread some beekeeping books. I picked up  Hive Management by Richard E. Bonney. The book starts with a Farmer’s Almanac saying “On the first of February, a farmer should still have on hand half of his winter’s firewood and half of his winter’s hay.”  The book goes on to explain how this also applies to bees and what the beekeeper should be doing as spring approaches. Amazon has a preview of the text on their website, well worth a few minutes.

This year the weather in New England is showing this saying is true, and spring can really drag its heels taxing the bees with rain, snow, and cold. For comparison, a photo from Brown’s Bee Farm showing pollen being carried back to hive on March, 16th 2010.

I have been watching my hives closely and monitoring the food stores. The bees are starting to increase the amount of brood in the hive, and will require more food soon.   My bees have been eating away at the sugar boards, I placed on them several weeks ago. Showing they are alive and hopefully feeling well. I hope this rain will wash away the snow and bring out Dandelions and Silver Maples. I am sure the bees are as excited for warmer weather as I am.