Faulty honey gate wastes honey

Broken Dadant Honey Gate

After extracting honey I sometimes find it more convenient to store honey in 5 gallon buckets rather than bottling it right away.  Most of the time I will store it in a bucket with a honey gate to make bottling easier.  After leaving for the long weekend, I returned to find a partially filled honey bucket had dumped all over the floor and carpet.  As I was scooping up honey from the floor, I tried to determine what  had happened. The bucket had been on the shelf untouched for at least 3 weeks and I was sure the spill had happened over the last 3 days.  I found the thumb screw on the ground in a puddle of honey and the gate in the closed position.  I inspected the gate and found 1/2 of the screw still in the gate. Apparently the pressure of the honey pushing from the inside of the gate had broken the screw. In the photo above you can see the round circle where the screw was broken off.

The most frustrating part of this is Dadant seems to know screw is faultily. The sell a 65 cent metal replacement thumb screw. I have lost over $150 worth of honey because a they were trying to save costs on a screw. From now on I will use the other style of honey gate with a metal pivot and screw.