Cut out

Vacuuming Bees

Last weekend we helped out a home owner by removing a hive from their child’s bed room.  This was an excellent example of why it is important to  remove a hive from a house. The hive had been there for 6+ years. The drywall had become wet from the moist of the hive and had started to crumble. A stray baseball or leaning against the wall would have punched right into the hive. It also showed that spraying pesticides just doesn’t work. The hive had been sprayed three times by an exterminator last year. This hive was so strong it was getting ready to swarm.

Hive ready to be removed

A great looking hive.

Swarm Cells

Swarm cells on the comb.

Bee Vac

The bee vacuum ready to be filled with bees.

End of Bee Removal

The wall ready for paint completely bee free.