Cut out in the crawl space

The hive after having the plastic and insulation pulled back. The hive was located in the floor. Rodents had removed the insulation leaving a space for bees to move into.

The above photo shows the three joists which bees were in. While it looks small there was about 30″ worth of comb. While not a very tricky cut out this was taxing in other ways.


The crawl space ranged from 5′ to 3′ tall, forcing us to crouch down for most of the removal. In this photo Richard is setting up the bee vac. The hive stand on the left is where the removed comb was stored. All the removal items had to be pushed in and out of the space.

This is the cavity with the comb and bees removed. This was a large hive population estimate in the 50,000-60,000. The bees entrance was sealed up and insulation was packed into the area.