Think Spring

Posted in Bees on March 29th, 2011

Solar Melter in progress

Spring is coming and final preparations are being completed.  My wired frames are put together and ready to go. This weekend, I started working on a solar melter. When I complete it, I will post more plans and photos.

Bees eating from candy board

Posted in Bees on March 21st, 2011

Bees eating sugar

After putting sugar candy on the hive a week ago, I was happy to see the bees had been eating away at the sugar.

Once they finish this batch, I have some candy boards mixed with some pollen substitute. Despite the two inches of predicted snow, the bees have started to grow the brood chamber and the pollen will give them a boost.

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Mouse in the Hive

Posted in Bees on March 19th, 2011

I didn’t take my own advice about putting in a simple mouse guard. When checking my hives, I found evidence on the bottom board of mouse or shrew in my hive.

Legs, wings, and heads littered the bottom board. This can be a sign that a mouse is getting into the hive and eating bees. Apparently the legs don’t taste that good.

I did my best to make sure the mouse had left for the day. and I installed a mouse guard. It makes it harder for the bees to keep the bottom board clean but that seems like a worth while trade off.