Wiring Frames at YCBA meeting.

Two Ends of a Frame

The York County Club was lucky to have Karen Thurlow speak about wiring frames for foundation. I’ve included a portion of the club minutes  about her talk.

Place extra horizontal wires on a frame helps to add support to the wax comb.  This is important for frames which are going to be placed in extractors or when wax foundation is used in extremely hot temperatures. For deep frames which are going to be extracted Karen recommends using 4 wires, for brood frames 2 are enough. Medium or shallow frames use 2 wires.

First, you need to place grommets into the pin holes. These holes typically are used for pins if you don’t use wire.  She recommends hammering them with a punch to ensure they stay in place. You then place two small nails on the side of the frame close to the grommet holes. Use the same nails used to hold the wedge in place.  You feed the wire into the frame and wrap the end around nail. Pull the wire tight until you can pick it and the tone sounds like a D  sharp (or just finger tight).  You then wrap it around the second nail. Cut the extra wire off and pound the nail into the frame. Make sure it is flush. Once you place the wax into the frame, use a crimping tool and press the wire into the wax. You do not need to use wire heaters. They tend cause the wire to melt through the wax. The best way to add wires quickly to frames is with a wire jig. Karen is planning on selling them in her store.

Karen also advised against using fishing line. It will stretch too much over time and won’t hold up as well as wire. The wire is sold by most bee supply companies and appears to be Tin #28 wire.