What’s in your bucket? How I Organize my Beekeeping Tools.

Bee Bucket

Bee Bucket

For the first several months of beekeeping, I gathered up my tools and walked out to my hives. When I placed hives in two different locations,  I found I was always forgetting something . I quickly found I needed a better system.  Now I use a 5 gallon bucket from a local restaurant. The tool holder came from Lowes, and is designed to fit over a 5 gallon bucket. It has a bunch of little pockets which are prefect for holding hive tools.

All Tools


What can be found in my bucket, changes a little bit depending on the season. For the most part I have:

– My smoker hooks on top. I keep a bag filled with torn up egg cartons to light the smoker. It is the best starter fuel I have found.

– Lighter for the smoker.

– Hive tools and bee brush. The red paint has worn off.

– Toothpicks,  for testing done cells for mites. I can shake one or two out at a time, even in gloves.

– Medication. Depending on the season but Api-Life Var or Fum-B. (if needed)

– Corks and Tape for sealing up entrances.

– Tools, exacto knife and pliers. Used for cutting down corks, fixing supers, etc

– Entrance reduces, Helpful if I find robbing or need to move a hive.

– Lemon grass extract, Used for baiting swarm traps.

– Bee Quick, for the fume board to remove bees from honey supers.

– Queen marking kit. Queen grabber, Queen holders, marking pen, and Queen cage. I practice a lot with drones on nice days.

I also have around

– Mouse guards, (Not shown) Installed in fall to keep mice away.

– Extra gloves (Not shown)

– Spearmint Rubbing Alcohol, (Not shown) Great for cleaning hive tools and gloves.

– Newspaper (Not shown) for merging hives and smoker fuel.