Plastic or Glass

Plastic Jars

Now the bees are all in a cluster and I am not spending a lot of time outside, I have turned my attention to maintaining and resupplying equipment. Due to the significant savings of almost 20% for buying bottles in bulk, I wanted to stock up. I have seen lots of different packages of beekeepers selling honey, from canning jars with a hand written label to a designer bottle with custom plastic label. I am currently using plastic bottles with color printed label. I like the plastic bottle because the three bottle sizes use the same lid, have a tamper seal and can be transported without fear of breaking. The bottle is also extremely easy to use. I pop the cap and can squeeze honey directly where I want it, into tea, on cereal, into my recipe, or pan. Honey from glass jars has to be poured or spooned out. It is almost impossible to do this without getting some honey on the side of the bottle or on the counter. On the other hand, honey in glass bottles have a reputation in the bee world for demanding a higher price and wider appeal. My fellow beekeepers turned their noses down bottling in plastic, they said glass was what the people wanted.
I decided to do a little market research by asking my friends who buy local honey. I won’t claim the results are scientific but plastic was preferred overwhelmingly to glass. People just seemed to like the convenience of using a plastic jar. Both types can be recycled and the cost to me (without shipping) is the same.
I took the plunge and ordered a case of plastic jars.