Making Beeswax Bowls, Part 1

Beeswax Bowl Bees wax

After several cutouts and extractions, I have managed to collect a few pounds of wax.  After seeing several commercial beeswax bowls with high price tags, I decided to make a version at home.

I started out with several small water balloons. On my next attempt I will use slightly bigger balloons. While these produce a very nice bowl, they are too small to float a candle in.

Water Balloons

I melted the wax down in a old crock pot.  Never use anything you don’t want to be permanently covered in wax. Yard sales are a great place to pick up a $1-$5 crock pot for wax use only.

Melted Wax

The process was extremely simple. I dipped the balloon into the wax 2-3 times and then placed it on some wax paper. This creates a flat bottom. If you wait until the end to create the flat bottom it will crack. Every 10 dips or so I would place it back onto the wax paper to keep the bottom flat. I liked the thickness of around 40 dips. It produced a sturdy bowl which I was able to handle without fear of it breaking. When the bowl was ready I ran it under cold water to harden the wax. I then placed the balloon in a bowl and popped it. The bowl captured all the balloon parts.  If you do this in the sink watch out for balloon going down the drain.

Bowl half done

After the balloon is popped gently peal off the balloon from the wax. I took a exacto knife and trimmed the top lip.

To help smooth out the top of the bowl, take a sheet of wax paper and lay it down on a electric grille or hot plate. Place the bowl upside and quickly slide it around to melt the wax just enough to create a smooth lip.  If you are lucky enough to have a wax only hot plate you can skip the wax paper.